The Rising Trend Of Coal Price Has Been Stable

- Apr 10, 2019-

Recently, the market price of coal has risen sharply.In response, the national development and reform commission (NDRC) recently announced nine measures to stabilize coal prices and issued a notice jointly with the state administration of market supervision to crack down on illegal behaviors of coal enterprises."The means are strong and the content is rich."This is the industry on the national development and reform commission to promote the return of coal prices intuitive feeling.

However, the return to a reasonable range of coal prices is not the work of one person, not a temporary effort, in addition to government departments, but also the need for social forces, market players and other parties to some collaborative efforts.China coal's offer of lower prices is not "impulsive".It is understood that China coal as the main domestic coal enterprises, in a calm analysis of the market, to ensure that the long agreement with the premise of cash, take the initiative to reduce coal prices.

This shows that the repeated occurrence of coal power ceiling in the past has made both sides realize that keeping coal prices relatively stable and within a reasonable range can enable both sides to share benefits and risks.Coal power upstream and downstream enterprises are fully aware of the importance of the long association mechanism, no matter what kind of market fluctuations, long-term stable cooperative relations, is an important basis for both sides to withstand the test of the market, to achieve a win-win situation.In this regard, China coal group also said, will further consolidate and develop the long-term cooperation with downstream users, its own resources to long association cash, and is willing to form a joint effort with quality suppliers, price stability and supply of the leader, with long-term stable strategic cooperation model, to achieve the coal upstream and downstream industrial chain of multi-win.