The Performance Of The Board Hammer Determines How Long The Hammer Can Take

- Dec 22, 2017-

High chromium is the preferred material of the board hammer, such a board hammer cost is low, and the hardness of the board is high, but there is a general lack of toughness, easy to break the shortcomings, the successful trial of this technology, greatly make up for the high chromium plate hammer toughness difference, inlaid cemented carbide, not only improve the toughness of the plate hammer, and embedded in the cemented carbide is undoubtedly to the high chromium plate hammer replaced by "Copper head iron arm", its hardness is also improved, the service life is also higher than the ordinary high chromium plate hammer one times higher. This greatly reduces the frequent change of the plate hammer caused by the long downtime, the frequent change of board hammer waste pollution, etc., improve the performance of the board hammer. It is the preferred hammer for crushing brittle hard materials such as coal gangue.

In addition to the board hammer, will also use is broken wall, so good products so many people are particularly fond of, it is worth noting that the replacement of the hammerhead need to pay attention to time, performance also has a certain improvement.