The First Casting Exchange Meeting Was Held In Changsha, Hunan

- Apr 20, 2019-

On January 4th, the first casting customer cooperation meeting hosted by huangshi xinxing was successfully held in changsha, hunan province.More than 30 entrepreneurs from hubei huangshi, shanxi yuncheng, jiangsu wuxi and other places were invited to discuss cooperation matters in 2019.


In the "looking back and looking forward to win-win" as the theme of the 2018 customer appreciation meeting and customer cooperation and exchange meeting in 2019, huang shi xinxing deputy general manager zheng xinling made a warm opening speech, for the past year all personnel wind and rain, work together to improve the yield and quality of ingot mold expressed his gratitude.Song xuefeng, director of the foundry department, made a brief introduction of the foundry products, so that the entrepreneurs have a deeper understanding of the emerging product categories and production processes of huangshi.


Communication meeting, each business elite for the current casting technology and application, the use of the ingot mould products and so on has carried on the discussion, environment and industry background, prudent and highly forward-looking outlook for special steel industry in 2019 is forecasted, grasp the new situation of market pattern and direction, to learn from each other, promote each other, mutual promotion purpose.At the same time, we on the new huangshi casting process, production technology, quality improvement to give pertinent advice and Suggestions.