The Board Hammer Is The Main Core Wear-resisting Parts Of Crusher

- Dec 22, 2017-

The board hammer is the main core wear-resisting accessory of crusher, its quality is directly related to the production efficiency and life span of the whole production line.

The counterattack hammer is the main wear-resisting part of the counterattack crusher, it can be said that the hammer is the lifeblood of the counterattack crusher not at all, I produced the counterattack hammer, in combination with years of practical experience in the mining industry and the introduction of international advanced technology, product quality, reliable, advanced performance, Same as Hammerhead. It is very important to stabilize production and economic benefits.

Anti-abrasion white cast iron is used in the counterattack hammer, the material has stable chemical property, strong abrasion resistance, suitable for larger impact load, greatly improves the use time of the board hammer, improves the stability of machine equipment operation and improves the economic benefit.