The 5th China Cement Mill Lining Panel Seminar Was Held In Hefei

- Apr 14, 2019-

From March 27 to 29, 2019, "the fifth China cement industry grinding system optimization and transformation technology seminar" was successfully held in fanglai international hotel, hefei, with the theme of "reducing cost, reinforcing short board, optimizing energy saving, improving quality and increasing efficiency".The meeting was presided over by nie jiqiang, chief editor of new century cement guide magazine, and zou weibin, editorial board member of new century cement guide newspaper.


During the meeting, the delegates discussed the ideas of optimizing the process of raw materials, pulverized coal and cement grinding and summarized the practical experience of optimizing and transforming.Professor Lin zongshou, a doctoral supervisor of wuhan university of technology, made a theme report titled "new technology of optimal pulverization in cement industry". He emphasized that the control of fineness of different materials must be emphasized in cement pulverization to achieve the goal of less use of clinker, which is the development direction of cement production in the world.Professor Lin zongshou also gave a new explanation on separate grinding.Zou weibin, a cement grinding expert, made a subject report named "factors affecting the output of cement combined grinding system and methods of transformation", and elaborated on how to realize the optimal output, lowest power consumption and higher operation rate of cement combined grinding system.New century cement herald editor Dr Liu Zihe with "from the world's cement industry production technology development of cement grinding technology trends as the theme report, he points out that low carbon type cement production technology is the development direction of the current international cement industry, the direction determines the cement grinding technology development trend: increase product fineness, to develop in the direction of the superfine grinding;Product portfolio diversification.This is inseparable from the development of high pressure pulverization, high efficiency separator, measurement and control technology.Jia huaping, the editorial board member of new century cement guide newspaper, made a theme report titled "the breakthrough of the lock air feeder in the grinding system". He took the problem of the lock air in the vertical raw material mill as an example to analyze, and introduced the development process and application effect of sidebo valve.