Rating Activities To Encourage The Foundry Industry

- May 02, 2019-

In foundry industry in order to further encourage scientific and technological innovation, and promote the casting industry work quality, better service to the casting industry transformation and upgrading, based on the principle of "PingXian award", China foundry association in "the 17th China international casting fair" and "the 13th China international die casting industry exhibition", continue to participation of casting, die casting, casting equipment, casting materials, and four new art casting technology was carried out by comparison.The selection of the event by the majority of exhibitors support, a total of 154 enterprises participate in the declaration of more than 200 exhibits.


China foundry association, executive vice President and secretary general Mr. Zhang warmly congratulate the award-winning enterprises, at the same time, the selection is sure to cast all divisions a thorough comb, is the beginning of a continuity, casting association, will be the next will continue adhering to the "innovation driven development" strategy, further intensify efforts to strengthen overall assessment of project management, actively promote innovation promotion and transformation!www.wuxiorient.com