On The Leading Role Of Bimetal Hammer In Crusher Industry

- Dec 22, 2017-

At present, domestic building materials, cement, metallurgy, mining, electric power and other industrial sectors of the use of large-scale crusher, ball mill, sand machine accessories for high manganese steel or ordinary high chromium alloy material, although not broken, but poor wear resistance, impact toughness is poor, serious wear and tear, the cost is greatly improved, production has never been raised, Comprehensive reason is not found suitable for their crushing materials of the alloy hammer and liner board, tripod into machinery to create various areas of crushing machine accessories high wear-resistant characteristics, the right, speaks worry-free, life-long warranty.

Metal composite materials can overcome the shortcomings of the two metals, play the advantages of two metals, so that parts have special properties to adapt to a variety of harsh conditions. Although the price is higher, but can extend the service life of parts, save a lot of steel, comprehensive economic benefits, in line with the requirements of building a conservation-oriented society and the development of circular economy, it is worth popularizing and further research to broaden its application areas.

In the wear-resistant materials industry, high chromium material is recognized high wear-resistant material, mainly because of high chromium material hardness is relatively large. Therefore, high chromium is widely used in the wear-resistant industry. Including pure high chromium hammer, high chromium alloy hammer, high chromium plate hammer and so on. But at the same time, the high chromium material also has certain limitation. High chromium materials have good wear resistance but do not have good toughness, then it is doomed to use in the phenomenon of fracture.