High Abrasion Jaw Plate Ensures Production Efficiency Of Jaw Crusher

- Dec 22, 2017-

Jaw crusher in the actual use of the process, the jaw plate plays a very important role, the quality of abrasion directly affects the jaw crusher's work efficiency and service life. Therefore, in order to protect the jaw crusher has an efficient operation, the choice of jaw plate must wear-resistant, safe.

In the purchase of jaw crusher wear-resistant accessories, can not only pay attention to the price of wear-resistant accessories and ignore the quality of crusher parts, must be based on their own conditions of work to choose different materials of the jaw plate. Ding Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Research and development of the jaw plate in addition to high manganese steel (mn13,mn18) material, as well as manganese-chromium alloy (MN13CR2,MN18CR2), new composite materials, etc., in the scientific and rigorous smelting, casting, heat treatment process, enhance wear resistance of wearing surface, not wear surface toughness, Prolong the service life of the jaw plate.