Grinding Machine Is Completed, The Cement Ball Mill Material Crushing And Grinding Are

- Dec 22, 2017-

At present, the mill is completed, Cement ball mill China's building materials, mining, power generation and other industries grinding production system is still the main mill as a grinding machine, material grinding and grinding are completed in the ball mill. The power consumption of grinding production system has been high, cone ball mill. The effective utilization rate of the ball mill is only 1%-5%, and the efficiency is very low. Cement production of building materials industry is a more common field of grinding application, taking cement enterprises as an example, the grinding power consumption of cement enterprises accounted for about 2/3 of the total power consumption, ball mill system ton of cement grinding power consumption (without pre-grinding system) about 35-42kwh/t, the use of additional pre-crushing system, The grinding and grinding of materials are all in the ball ton cement grinding power consumption can reach 30kwh/t below, energy-saving effect is remarkable. Milling Ball Mill Cement ball mill at present, the technology can achieve 120,000 tce/a,co2 reduction of energy saving of about 330,000 T.