Evaluation Of The Technology Of Cement Grinding System Transformation

- Apr 29, 2019-

In order to improve the ability of the first-line technicians and managers of the cement grinding system to optimize the system and control the system with high efficiency and low consumption, the participants of the 4th China Cement Industry Grinding System Optimization and Transformation Technology Seminar in 2018 The evaluation and discussion of the practical technology of the energy-saving reform of the grinding system was carried out.

(1) Energy-saving retrofit technology that increases the capacity of the pre-grinding system.

Increase the pre-grinding ability of the mill, and require the power of the roller press/tube mill power ≥1.0 to give full play to the advantages of high-efficiency material bed grinding technology.

(2) New liner technology for tube mills.

Under the premise of constant working speed of the tube mill, the shape and size of the working surface of the liner are related to the grinding efficiency of the tube mill; the wear of the liner can seriously reduce the output of the mill by 10% or more, and the grinding power The consumption is increased by at least 2% or more.

(3) Three-dimensional activation technology of abrasive bodies.

The tube grinding machine fine grinding chamber is equipped with an activation ring, the purpose of which is to better eliminate the "retention zone" of the grinding body, activate the effective grinding work of the micro-segment or small ball in the grinding movement, improve the grinding degree of the cement, and reduce the cement. Finished product fineness (screen residual value). The three-dimensional activation technology of the grinding body can increase the activation space and area, activate the grinding energy of the small-sized grinding body more, and improve the grinding effect.