Emergency Controls Coal Prices Are Likely To Continue To Rise

- Apr 26, 2019-

In the face of continued soaring electricity coal prices, the national development and reform commission finally shot, and is in May 18 put forward nine regulatory measures, yesterday it was announced to take seven measures to reduce the price of coal, for the bohai rim port 5,500 kcal before June 10 thermal coal down to 570 yuan/ton.

But as with previous emergency measures, the NDRC did not immediately halt price rises.According to China coal big data show, at present the bohai sea port 5,500 big card thermal coal actual transaction price has reached 662 yuan/ton, than the previous day rose 2 yuan/ton, quotation is more than 670 yuan/ton;But in the pit mouth, the yulin partial coal mine continues to raise the coal price 10 yuan/ton or so, even including several days ago reduced the coal price coal mine.

How long will the price of thermal coal go up?Think, the key still depends on the strength of governmental adjusting control.At present, it is difficult to change the situation of year-on-year growth in demand in the short term.If it takes time to increase production, increase capacity, increase transportation capacity and increase coordination, the implementation of the policy of opening up the import of coal and the strict investigation and punishment of illegal speculation on coal prices and hoarding and profiteering in accordance with laws and regulations should be carried out immediately and can produce a great effect to a certain extent.www.wuxiorient.com