13th China Foundry Development And Application

- Apr 19, 2019-

With the continuous development of China's industrial industry and the continuous promotion of made in China 2025, the casting industry, as an important pillar of China's industry, is growing stronger and stronger.


This session aims to interpret the trend of domestic and foreign industry market demand, industrial strategic transformation direction, plant upgrading equipment, technology, environmental protection and other related solutions;The technical focus includes sand mold, die casting and precision casting casting defects, industry standards, new technology, new process, etc.At the same time, it will showcase the most representative advanced technologies of suppliers, discuss hot issues in the industry, and help the industry change its thinking so as to better follow the development process of made in China 2025.


ǀ.conference organization:


1.Organizer: intercontinental media


ǁ.Meeting time and place:


1.Check-in time: April 23, 2019


2.Time of the meeting: April 24-25, 2019


3.Conference address: haiyue garden hotel, suzhou, China


Iii. Theme:


The 13th China casting development and application conference -- the strategic transformation and upgrading of casting industry and the 8th international casting customization fair.


This conference is an industry brand event with the content of casting product procurement, casting equipment, casting process and technology promotion in the field of casting raw and auxiliary materials. This conference intends to invite famous domestic and foreign experts in casting technology to give lectures on site.