Why alloy steel castings must be treated by solid solution and density requirements?

- Jun 02, 2018-

In the process of casting, the alloy steel castings are not subjected to pressure in general, so the requirements for the strength of the equipment and pattern are not high. In the process of making, the size of the products is limited and the stress in the products is low. Therefore, the production of less investment, can produce excellent large parts , but the production cycle is longer, after molding the alloy steel castings must be machined. On the basis of traditional casting, the methods of pouring, casting, pressure casting, rotary casting and centrifugal casting are derived.

Why the alloy steel castings should be treated with solid solution

1. Solid solution can obtain homogeneous solid solution structure. The workpiece can be obtained from rapid cooling to low temperature quenching treatment to obtain saturated single phase solid solution.

2. Mainly improving the plasticity and toughness of alloy steel , preparing for precipitation hardening.

3. Dissolving various phases in the alloy, strengthening solid solution, improving toughness and corrosion resistance, eliminating stress and softeness, so as to continue processing or molding.

What are the requirements for the lubrication of alloy steel castings? 

1. Because it works in a wet and high temperature environment, and some equipment is accompanied by a shock load, the selection of lubricants is mainly concerned with its emulsification, water resistance, heat-resistant oxidation stability and load resistance.

2.Its lubricating points are closed in principle, and the wet segments, that is, the bearings of the flow slurry box to the press, are sealed with a sealed bearing shell to overflow and overflow the grease and cause cross contamination.

3. Alloy steel castings parts are used to lubricate and dissipate the bearings of various bearings with the pressure of the central lubricating station when the temperature of the operation is high and the lubricating oil in the wet end uses the method of regular manual inspection to check and replace the grease. Oil supply pipeline and oil injection device.

What is the effect of increasing the density of the alloy steel castings?


1. The higher the density, the less prone to bubbles, cracks and other defects, thereby reducing the rejection rate.


2. Tigher density products will be more suitable for using as precision alloy steel castings, and the steel structure will be more accurate.


3.The effect of density on toughness is also very large. The higher the density, the higher the toughness.http://www.wuxiorient.com/