What matters should be paid attention to before the production and Operation of Mine Grinder and its Insulation measures

- Jun 01, 2018-

When the mine mill is used in winter, it is most important to do its thermal insulation effectively, especially in the electric field area. Therefore, the tube of the mine mill adopts double shell and is filled with expanded perlite. The thickness is 10mm, the insulation effect is better.


In the installation of rectifier transformer of mine mill, there should be a high voltage shielding room in the process of setting up, which is safe and meets the technical requirements when used, and at the same time, the transformer should be as close as possible to the cylinder of the high voltage electrostatic precipitator. To reduce the loss of secondary voltage and current. The normal use of ash cleaning device of ball mill. The frequency and time of vibration can be determined according to the dust adsorption and voltage and current drop. In general, the times of shaking can be reduced as much as possible in order to reduce the secondary dust.


What items should be paid attention to before the production and Operation of Mine Grinder


1.First check if there is enough lubricating oil in the housing, if the lubricating oil is not enough, add it in time.


2.Note that the rotor and sieve plate space is adequate, this step is mainly after the replacement of the ring hammer must be checked.


3.Check that the nuts on the waist circular pressure plate on both sides of the housing are firm and reliable. If there is loosening to fasten in time, to ensure that the equipment in the normal operation.


4.The mine mill needs to clean up the foreign body in the broken cavity in time and not clean the residue before the operation. If it is not cleaned thoroughly when it is used, it will be very easy for the material to fall below the standard when discharging the material.


5.The last step is to make sure the device runs empty for two to three weeks to make sure there is no jam. After completion of the above test machine operation, normal upproduction operation can be carried out. But the operation should also be accurate, not careless startup, operation, parking gap adjustment, cleaning metal collectors, these should be noted. Especially when cleaning the metal collector, each class should clean up the metal collector once in the ball mill. In order to ensure production efficiency.http://www.wuxiorient.com/