What kind of annealing process are often used for heat-resistant steel disk workpieces

- Apr 10, 2018-

In the process of heating and cooling, the heat-resistant steel disk workpiece will undergo one phase transformation recrystallization, that is, recrystallization annealing, sometimes it will be referred to as annealing.This annealing method for heat-resistant steel disk workpieces is widely used in steel.Because of this, it is not surprising that it is applied to heat-resistant steel disk workpieces.


The recrystallization annealing process of heat resistant steel plate workpiece: slow heating to Ac1 (eutectoid steel or hypereutectoid steel) more than 30~50 DEG C, after proper time slowly cooling down, the hand is pearlite will occur through the process of heating (or proeutectoid ferrite or cementite direct conversion to) (the first round of austenite recrystallization phase transition) and cooling process in contrast to the second round of recrystallization phase transition, the formation of fine grains, pieces of thick, homogeneous pearlite (or eutectoid ferrite or cementite).



When the annealing temperature is above Ac3 (hypoeutectoid steel), the heat resistant steel disk workpiece is completely recrystallized, which is called complete annealing. The annealing temperature between Ac1 and Ac3 (hypoeutectoid steel) or between Ac1 and Acm (hypereutectoid steel) is called incomplete annealing.


Regarding the spheroidization annealing, the workpiece of heat-resistant steel disk will be heated to the temperature above 20 ~ 40 ℃ above which the steel begins to form austenite, and then it can be cooled slowly after heat preservation. During cooling, the lamellar cementite in the pearlite becomes spherical. At this time can also reduce the hardness, to ensure the integrity of the heat-resistant steel disc workpiece.


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