What factors determine the shrinkage of alloy steel castings

- Dec 22, 2017-

The performance of wear-resisting steel castings has a great relationship with industrial application, so it has high requirements for its performance.

Sometimes the same batch of alloy steel castings, the size of the deviation, to a large extent, is caused by shrinkage, so the determination of process parameters is the basis of the production process.

The casting shrinkage of alloy steel castings under the condition of sand casting is 2.6% 2.7%, but it changes with the difference of casting size and wall thickness. The thicker the wall, the stronger the heat effect of the metal on the mould, the less the strength of the cast material after heating loses the resistance to the casting shrinkage, the greater the shrinkage in the casting mold, the higher the shrinkage rate. Conversely, the shrinkage value is low.

The larger the size of alloy steel castings, the greater the obstruction of mold and castings, and less shrinkage. Conversely, small pieces with simple shape have high shrinkage rate. For wear-resisting steels, the calculated shrinkage value (that is, the ordinate number) should be multiplied by the correction factor.