What are the functions of increasing the density of alloy steel castings and the advantages of filling?

- Jun 13, 2018-

During operation, alloy steel castings mainly pour liquid or semi-liquid metal or alloy into the die chamber of the die casting machine, so that they can fill the cavity at high pressure and at high speed. A forming method of casting is obtained by forming and crystallizing under high pressure.


Why do alloy castings need to be poured


1.Alloy castings will reduce the amount of molten steel due to rapid liquid shrinkage when the castings are filled (the interval between the first pouring and the completion of the first pouring is not more than 30 s-1).


2.To a certain extent, the alloy cast steel parts adopt its supplementary casting technology, so that the thin wall parts with complicated structure can be guaranteed to avoid cold insulation to a certain extent. After pouring, the whole temperature and pressure in the riser are improved, and the feeding ability is restored to some extent. The numerical simulation of solidification process can predict the feeding channel at different solidification times, thus predict the timing of recasting and ensure the quality of the product.


What is the effect of increasing the density of alloyed steel castings


1.The higher the density, the less likely there will be bubbles, cracks and other defects, thus reducing the waste rate;


2.The more dense products are used as precision alloy steel castings, the more precise the steel structure will be.


3.The effect of density on toughness is also very large, and the higher the density, the higher the toughness.


Temperature of alloy steel castings


The temperature has a great influence on the casting quality. The reasonable casting temperature range should be determined according to the alloy type, casting structure and mold characteristics. According to the model of carbon steel, the reasonable casting temperature is 1540-1580 ℃, and the temperature of molten steel in ladle is between 1540-1580 ℃.


Speed of alloy steel castings


The casting speed of alloy steel castings in the process of making, under the condition of ensuring the smooth discharge of gas in the mold cavity, can be used for castings that require simultaneous solidification, and for castings which require sequential solidification, Use the lowest pouring speed possible. http://www.wuxiorient.com/