Wear-resistant casting technology flexibility and pouring temperature

- Aug 06, 2019-

During the casting process of wear-resisting casting machine bed casting, the principle of high temperature out of oven and low temperature casting should be followed.Because the liquid metal melt temperature is advantageous to the complete fusion, slag inclusion floating, convenience of slag removal and degassing, reduce the slag inclusion and porosity defects of machine tool castings, using low pouring temperature, is beneficial to reduce the gas solubility in the liquid metal, liquid, shrinkage and high temperature liquid metal baking of cavity surface, avoid adhering sand, the appearance of porosity and shrinkage cavity defects.

On the premise of filling the mold cavity, low casting temperature should be adopted.The process of pouring liquid metal from the ladle into the mold is called pouring.Wear - resistant casting is a terminal product, belongs to wear parts, widely used in metallurgy, mining, electric power, building materials, chemical and mechanical industries, directly affecting the life of equipment and production efficiency and attention by various industries.We can manufacture products with different materials according to the drawings provided by customers.