Wear Resistance and Machining Requirements of High Chromium White Cast Iron Castings

- Jan 06, 2018-

High chromium white iron castings are made of a good performance and is of particular importance wear resistant material products, in use to wear resistance of alloy steel is much higher than the strength, much higher than the average white cast iron, ductile, and it also has good resistance to high temperature and corrosion resistance, high chromium white iron castings production convenient. Moderate cost, the materials are regarded as the most excellent anti abrasion materials.


Processing materials of high chromium white iron castings is Ni hard cast iron, third generation wear-resistant materials developed in white cast iron, in use because of its own organizational characteristics, the product in the process of use to have much higher toughness than ordinary cast iron, high strength, heat resistance and wear resistance properties high chromium cast iron. Has been regarded as the most excellent anti abrasion materials, and widely used.


High chromium white iron castings with good wear resistance in use, type and distribution characteristics in use mainly depends on the basic microstructure and carbide, high chromium white iron is Fe, Cr, C as the basic component of the alloy. The matrix of high chromium cast iron was solidified in austenite, the austenite it is stable under heating to higher temperatures, and are C, Cr and other elements are saturated. When the temperature decreases, the austenite transformation will occur. Under normal conditions, high chromium cast iron in austenite based multiphase structure, the organization of the cast iron used under high temperature, the material itself can give full play to the potential.


High chromium white iron casting in the process of machining of chromium white cast iron chromium content of the material in 12%-28%, in use due to the large number of join the chromium white cast iron carbide makes type M3C into M7C3 type carbides. The alloy carbide is very hard, given the good wear resistance of high chromium cast iron. The toughness of high chromium cast iron has been improved to some extent.http://www.wuxiorient.com/