Ways to increase the output of cement mill

- Apr 24, 2019-

1.Improve the grindability of materials


1strengthen the clinker burning process and increase the proportion of silicate minerals, especially calcium silicate (C) in the clinker.S and C, S) reach at least 2/3 by weight, and the content of C, S, C and S in foreign and domestic main new-type dry kiln clinker are about 77%.


2strengthen the cooling effect of clinker and prevent the conversion from C3S to C2S.


3the clinker with high ferroaluminate (C4AF) is generally difficult to grind and is mainly used in the production of road cement;Clinker with high calcium aluminate (C3A) content is generally easier to paste and grind.Reduce the grinding efficiency of the grinding body, reduce the screening device powder selection efficiency.


4choose the right mixture.Fly ash and slag have certain grinding effect, while slag and steel slag are difficult to grind.Therefore, for materials with great difference in grindability.


1Reduce the particle size of incoming grinding materials


2.1Grind the head finelyIts purpose is equivalent to add a crushing silo to the ball mill, reduce the burden of the mill itself, and the crushing efficiency of the crusher is significantly greater than the ball silo of the mill itself.The effect is especially obvious for the mill with small length-diameter ratio.


2.2 roller pressIt applies the principle of high-pressure material layer grinding and adopts the working mode of single particle grinding and group-forming, so that the particle size of the material can be rapidly reduced, the fine powder content of <0.08mm can reach 20% ~ 35%, and the material of <2mm can reach more than 70%.


2.3 bar grinding millIt is characterized by uniform product particle size, <0.08mm particles can reach more than 20%, low operating costs.However, it should be noted that buffer bin must be set between the crushing equipment and the grinding machine, otherwise, once the output of the grinding machine is reduced, the output of the crushing equipment will be reduced accordingly, which will have a great impact on the operation efficiency and service life of the equipment.




The main function of the separator is to separate crushing and grinding.To achieve the classification of grinding.Position allocation should be based on the characteristics of materials and particle size.Reasonably distribute the number and length ratio of the grinding chamber.It has important effect on the production quality of the mill.


4.Type of lining board and compartment board


No matter how the form of lining plate changes, its main function remains the same, in addition to the protection of the mill body, in the ball bin is to improve the grinding machine to improve the height of the grinding body, strengthen the crushing of materials: in the section bin is to make the grinding body more effectively to enhance the grinding of fine materials.www.wuxiorient.com