Use of alloy cast steel

- Mar 09, 2021-

The casting properties of cast alloy structural steel and special-purpose low-alloy cast steel are similar to those of carbon cast steel. Chromium and molybdenum in steel reduce the fluidity of molten steel. Copper, manganese, nickel, etc. improve fluidity. The volume shrinkage of steel is mainly related to the carbon content. The higher the carbon content, the higher the shrinkage rate, and the alloying elements have less influence on it. Manganese and elements that refine the crystal structure, such as vanadium, titanium, and zirconium, can reduce the tendency of hot cracking, while chromium and molybdenum increase the tendency of hot cracking. As alloying elements reduce thermal conductivity and increase casting stress, the cold cracking tendency of steel castings increases, especially for steels containing manganese, chromium, molybdenum and other elements.