Uniform distribution and production requirements of cement mill liner

- Dec 29, 2018-

Cement mill lining plate processing materials will go through its ordinary high manganese steel, reinforced high manganese steel, alloy white iron and other stages, low alloy steel lining plate has been a good development.Generally in low alloy steel liner material with main alloy elements of Cr, Mo, V, Ti, etc., through their fine grains, promote produce martensite, generate high hard carbides, and often accompanied by RE and proper heat treatment, forming strong martensite + bainite under uniform distribution on the high hard alloy carbide ball organization.

High hardness alloy carbides and carbides spheroidization of cement grinding liner are often obtained by adding some carbides forming elements in metal materials, which is an effective way to improve the wear resistance of materials.This is due to the uniform distribution of carbides in the matrix, which reduces the stress concentration around carbides, reduces the chance of crack initiation and avoids carbides spalling.

When the cement grinding liner plate is made, it is required to make the alloy carbide pellets in the material evenly distributed, and its strong and tough matrix and high hardness alloy carbide need to have a strong and tough matrix to support, otherwise, the alloy carbide is easy to flake, the wear resistance of the material will be greatly weakened.Martensite + lower bainite is an excellent matrix structure. The existence of a small amount of residual austenite reduces the stress of heat treatment, improves the toughness of the material, and reduces the possibility of cracks in the process of production and use.www.wuxiorient.com