Ultrafine powder grinding process

- Sep 28, 2019-

1. The solid particles with coarser grain size are placed in the ceramic mortar; 2. The bottom surface of the ceramic mortar is a hemispherical surface in a strict sense, which is hard, wear-resistant and very smooth. The slow speed motor drives the motor to rotate; 3. The rod of the ceramic rod is also a semi-spherical surface in a strict sense. The center line of the rod is intersected with the center line of the mortar to form a suitable oblique angle. The mortar rod is inserted into the mortar, and a compression spring is arranged in the rod, and the rod is closely attached to the bottom of the mortar under the action of the spring. The pestle is driven by a fast-speed geared motor to make a rotation similar to a cone-shaped cone. 4, mortar and pestle, each of these movements, formed a subtle compaction grinding of coarse particles. 5. Due to the grinding motion formed by the ceramic mortar and the pestle, the grinding opportunities for the solid particles are equal, and the fine powder has a very uniform particle size. 6. The selection of grinding time can be set by automatic control. After a reasonable period of grinding, the coarse particles are ground into very fine micronized particles with particle sizes up to the micron range and some to the nanometer scale.https://www.wuxiorient.com/