Type of mill liner

- Sep 09, 2019-

  A flat lining is used for the fine grinding bin, and the rising height of the grinding body depends on the coefficient of static friction with the tree slab.

  2 The bead lining plate is used for the first bin to enable the grinding body to rise higher and has a larger impact energy.

  The 3 rib liner is similar to the bead liner.

  4 Wave liners for baseball mills.

  The 5 step liner is suitable for crushing the bin. It is widely used and has the following three advantages.

   a) The height of the lifting of the same sphere is uniform.

   b) Uniform wear on the surface of the board.

   c) The ability of the lining of the lining to act on the abrasive body of the other layers. The sliding wear between the lining plate and the outermost grinding body is reduced, and sliding and wear between the different levels of the grinding body are also prevented.

  6 hemispherical lining for smashing bins.

  7 corrugated lining, boltless lining for fine grinding, with small peaks and tightness.

  8 graded lining, which can automatically grade steel balls.