Type of cement mill lining and application requirements

- Sep 05, 2018-

In the process of use, the cement grinding liner plays the role of protecting the inner wall of the windlass. The different shapes of the cement grinding liner can improve the grinding effect of the equipment and improve the working efficiency.

Requirements for use of cement grinding lining

1. Flat type lining board with smooth surface, suitable for installation in fine grinding chamber.

2. Clamping type lining plate, suitable for rough grinding chamber, suitable for ball mill with low speed.

3. Ladder type lining board, the step lining board is better than the strip lining board, and is suitable for installation in rough grinding chamber.

4. Small corrugated lining crest and pitch are small, suitable for fine grinding bin and coal mill.

5. The end cover lining plate is installed on the end cover of grinding head or end cover of barrel to protect the end cover from wear.

6. The annular groove is cast on the T surface of the lining board, and the annular groove is formed after installation. It is suitable for the first and second storehouses of multiple storehouses.

7. The graded lining plate is ideal for the pulverizing operation of ball mill, which should be hit and crushed by the abrasive with large diameter for large particles of materials. That is to say, the abrasive shall be matched with the abrasive with large diameter in the feeding direction of the mill.