Thermal and electrical properties of coal mill linings

- Oct 22, 2018-

Coal mill lining board has good resistance to chemical corrosion, the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with good resistance to chemical corrosion properties, in addition to the sulfuric acid, nitric acid, it will not be in all of the lye, acid corrosion, and can be in temperature (80 oc application in concentrated hydrochloric acid, in < 20% of nitrate, < 75% of sulfuric acid is stable, its water, washing liquid is also stable.)


The thermal properties of lining board of the coal mill, heat distortion temperature is 85 oc, under small load, using temperature is 90 oc, under special circumstances, allowed to use at higher temperatures, due to the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is an excellent material toughness, and its low resistance is also very good, in - 269 oc, low temperature, still have certain ductility, and shows no sign of embrittlement.


Electrical properties of coal mill linings.Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has excellent electrical properties in a wide temperature range, with volume resistance up to 10-18cm, breakdown voltage up to 50KV/mm, and dielectric constant 2.3.In a wide range of temperature and frequency, its electrical properties change very little.It is suitable to be used as the structure material of electrical engineering and the material of paper mill in the range of heat resistance.