The unloading mode and transmission mode of the mine mill

- Feb 08, 2018-

Mine widely in use when used in sand, lime, gypsum, slag and other materials grinding material, only effective after the grinding fineness and to request before fully mixed with each other, in order to make the products reach the strength of grinding is an important process in production of aerated concrete, the grinding process of large power consumption, coal mine the mill is generally aerated concrete equipment of motor capacity of the largest factory.

 Mine grinder is mainly used for mineral processing, ceramics, chemical industry, cement, glass, refractories and other industries. Generally, equipment is divided into two kinds: dry and wet. Dry type is used for refractory materials, cement, fertilizer, glass industry, wet type for mineral processing, ceramics and chemical industry.

 Characteristics of mine mill

 The mill has high working efficiency, uniform grinding and grind and long service life. For prolonging the service life of the mine, the main material such as the hollow shaft and the rotary large gear is upgraded, and the wear-resisting lining plate is inserted into the barrel, and it is convenient to replace.

 The unloading mode of the mine mill

 The 1. tail unloading mill, which is fed by the end of the mill, is unloaded from the other end, which is called the tail unloading mill.

 2. in the unloading mill, grinding mill to material from both ends of the feeding and unloading from the middle part of the barrel, called unloading type mill. The equivalent of two ball mill used in parallel, so the equipment is compact and simplified process. By way of discharging tail discharge mill with grid nesting, overflow discharge. Peripheral discharge and wind discharging and other types.

 Transmission mode of mine mill

 1., the central drive mill, the motor drives the grinding body to turn through the reducer shaft driven by the reducer, and the axis of the deceleration and the center line of the mill is in a straight line.

 2. edge drive ball mill, the motor drives the large gear fixed on the unloading end tube through the reducer and drives the grinding machine barrel to turn.