The uniqueness of alloy steel castings in application

- Dec 22, 2017-

1. Avoid casting with large horizontal surface.

2, the casting structure as far as possible so that its cooling can be without hindrance shrinkage.

3, the part of the thick section of the casting, should be used as far as possible knockout or cast hole structure, and strengthen the rib appropriate reinforcement.

4. Casting holes on the plane wall of castings should be reinforced with convex edges to reduce wall thickness.

5, casting wall and the connection between the wall should be strictly to prevent sharp angle and metal agglomeration, thick wall and Bo Yan between the casting transition, to prevent mutations, so as to avoid hot joints and should be concentrated, forming hot crack, Susong and so on.

6, the casting of water, gas road and other large areas of the sandwich cavity, to have a number of connection pillars.

7, the wall thickness of steel castings should be uniform to prevent shrinkage, hot crack, when the need to ensure the order of solidification conditions, should be as far as possible to have a change in the direction of the wall thickness, when the need to ensure simultaneous solidification conditions, should be as far as possible with the same section wall thickness.