The strongest flexibility, variability and structural strength in metallurgical manufacturing of alloy steel castings

- Apr 13, 2018-

The basic principle of the casting process of alloy castings steel is that the surface of high quality or the main processed surface should be effectively placed below, its large plane should be placed below, the thin-walled part should be placed below, and the majority of thickness should be placed on top.The number of sand cores should be reduced as far as possible, and a straight parting surface should be used as far as possible.


The basic requirements of the casting process of alloy castings are: Wood mould: complete outline, no crack, no damage, no incomplete, clean surface, and the size conforms to the requirement of casting process drawing, and often carries on the dimension check.Sandbox: the size of the sandbox should be determined according to the wood die specification, large, medium-sized sandbox should be welded box reinforcement.


Alloy steel castings are cast ferroalloys, which are used to produce cast iron alloys without eutectic transformation during solidification.It has the advantages of greater design flexibility, the strongest flexibility and variability of metallurgical manufacturing, and the improvement of overall structural strength and wide range of weight variation.


Alloy steel castings have greater design flexibility


This design of alloy steel castings has the greatest degree of freedom with respect to the shape and size of castings, especially for complex shapes and hollow parts, and steel castings can be manufactured by the unique process of core castings.Easy to shape and change shape and can be quickly based on the drawing to make the finished product can provide rapid response and reduce delivery time.


Strongest flexibility and variability in Metallurgical Manufacturing of Alloy Steel Castings


You can choose different chemical composition and organizational structure to meet the needs of different projects. Different heat treatment processes can choose mechanical properties, and can use this property in a wide range and improve weldability and usability.


Improving overall structural strength of alloy steel castings


The high reliability of the project, combined with the weight loss design and the short delivery time, can enhance the competitive advantage in price and economy.


Mass variation of alloy steel castings in large range


Small steel castings can be as little as 10 grams, while large steel castings can be several tons, tens or even hundreds of tons.When we need high tensile strength or dynamic load components, important pressure vessel castings, and core components that bear heavy loads at low or high temperatures, in principle, we should give priority to alloy steel castings.