The strong and tough matrix of cement mill liner and its effective way

- Mar 08, 2019-

The liner of cement mill has enough toughness when it is used. The liner with good toughness can reduce the possibility of fracture.High hardness alloy carbide and carbide spheroidization, in metal materials, often by adding some carbide forming elements to obtain high hardness alloy carbide, this is an effective way to improve the wear resistance of materials.


The cement mill liner is mainly distributed by carbides uniformly in the matrix, which reduces the stress concentration around the carbides, reduces the chances of crack initiation, and avoids the spalling of carbides. At the same time, globular carbides can block the plough wear, reduce the depth and length of furrow, and thus protect the matrix.Therefore, it is required to spherify and distribute the alloy carbides uniformly.


The strong and tough matrix of the cement mill liner plate, in the operation of its high hardness alloy carbide needs to have a strong and tough matrix to support, otherwise, the alloy carbide is easy to peel off, the wear resistance of the material will be greatly weakened.Martensite + lower bainite is an excellent matrix structure. The existence of a small amount of residual austenite reduces the stress of heat treatment, improves the toughness of the material, and reduces the possibility of cracks in the process of production and