The requirement and structure of the main bearing of the mine mill

- Jan 26, 2018-

Mine mill work in the process of the material is directly from the feeding device by feeding spiral tube evenly into the mill in the first position, the grinding body will be equipped with different specifications of the equipment within the warehouse, mine mill opportunity will be effective after the material crushing compartment powder selecting device screening qualified materials into two warehouse, large granular material unqualified is returned to the first position.


Main part structure of mine mill


The mine mill is for the edge drive, the tail unloading, and the warehouse mill is made up of the revolving part, the main bearing part, the feeding part, the gear cover part, the transmission part and the electric control part.


The rotary part of the mine mill is mainly composed of a material inlet and outlet of hollow shaft and cylinder parts, the cylinder of the entire device is welded with steel plate rolled, both ends of the device is a flat cover structure, each bin is provided with a lining plate of the grinding body and partition different devices, including internal powder selecting device for me plant patent products, using internal powder structure, can effectively improve the grinding in crushing and grinding, grinding and separation device is provided with a body of material in the discharge end can be effectively separated and the grinding body.


Main bearing of mine mill


Mine mill rotary part is composed of two main bearings, in use when the feed end and a discharge end is basically the same, the main bearing is composed of bearing cover, spherical bearing, bearing seat and the cooling water pipe and other parts, the cooling water first enters into the bearing seat, cooling and lubricating oil, cooling water on spherical surface then enter the spherical tile tile, water control valve is arranged before the three plug, to regulate the amount of water.