The quenching treatment and heat preservation requirements of cement grinding liner plate

- Jul 19, 2018-

The unique heat treatment process of cement grinding liner plate makes the casting obtain higher hardness and impact toughness value by using water base quenching liquid.The internal quality of the cement grinding liner is detected by ultrasonic inspection, and the surface quality of the product is detected by visual inspection and magnetic particle inspection.

Cement mill lining board in the casting is completed, when operating the need for quenching treatment, so that it can be heating furnace heated to 500 ℃ above, to a certain extent, to put the plate charging, heating to 650 ~ 680 ℃, transform plate heat preservation, heat preservation time as long as possible.Research shows that high manganese steel in 650 ~ 680 ℃ temperature, holding time, the longer the more brittle phase solubility, can not only reduce the casting crack occurs, and can reduce the brittle phase, reduce the temperature difference between inside and outside the list, reduce stress, thermal stress and thus reduce the casting crack tendency, makes the lining plastic.

Cement mill lining board after completion of the heat preservation, again in 250 ~ 400 ℃ / h speed, heating it in the process of running to the quenching temperature 1060 ~ 1090 ℃, insulation 2.5 ~ 3 h.The purpose of quenching is to eliminate the carbide in the cast structure and obtain a single austenite structure.The presence of carbide in high manganese steel will reduce the strength of the liner plate and make the liner brittle, leading to the cracking of the liner plate.But not for long.