The processing and size adjustment of cement mill liner

- Jan 30, 2018-

During the processing of cement grinding lining, it is necessary to effectively adjust the size of its liner, effectively control its liner clearance at 8mm. When installing, attention should be paid to liners and simplified ones. If the clearance between the liners is too small, attention should be paid to adjust and keep the gap even.


The cement grinding lining needs to control the temperature of the grinding clinker properly. During the operation, we should strengthen the cooler management and intensify the clinker cooling. If necessary, we should take measures to reduce the clinker temperature.


The ball mill needs to maintain its balanced feeding in the process of operation, the effective control of the grinding sound, stable bucket elevator power operation parameters, to avoid the ball hit the empty phenomenon. The lining and the steel ball hardness matching adjustment ball mill, the use of high manganese steel lining plate is the best use of chromium in the use of the ball; the best use of high chromium high chromium steel lining plate.


After the deformation and failure of high manganese steel liner and the corresponding technical modification measures, the service life of the ball mill lining plate is longer, which reduces the maintenance workload of the mill, improves the production efficiency of the mill, and stabilizes the production and operation of the ball mill.