The main function and impact resistance of cement mill liners

- Apr 09, 2019-

The main role of cement mill liners

1. Cement mill liners can lift grinding media - balls and segments.

2. Grinding action.

3. Protect the grinding cylinder.

The cement mill liners can be selected for various linings. The main consideration is the lifting effect on the grinding medium. The trajectory of the product medium is chrome molybdenum alloy steel, medium alloy steel, high chromium cast iron. Manganese steel, rubber, polyurethane, etc. The shape has ribs, corrugations, angle spirals, and the like.

When the cement mill liners should be pulverized in use, the lining plate is required to have a strong pushing ability for the grinding body, and the lining plate should have good impact resistance. The high manganese steel ZGMn13 has sufficient impact toughness, but Not wear-resistant and easy to deform, most of them have now changed to alloy steel or chrome-molybdenum alloy steel liner in the double-medium quenching process. Comparing several kinds of wear-resistant materials, the alloy steel has the best performance and the longest service life in the double-medium quenching process.

The grinding of the cement mill liners fine material is mainly the fine grinding of the cement clinker. After the cement raw material is calcined, the clinker powder has become spherical and has low hardness. Vertical grinding and ultra-fine grinding are the main processes in the grinding of clinker. To choose the right liner for both mills, it is important to understand how these two mills work. Clinker grinding is mainly based on grinding, so the choice of lining must have strong toughness, so high carbon alloy steel is the first choice for fine lining.