The main function and Grinding efficiency of Coal Grinding liner

- May 11, 2018-

In the process of coal grinding liner is mainly used to effectively protect its cylinder, so that it can effectively avoid the material and grinding body from direct impact and friction, to a certain extent, At the same time, different kinds of linings can be used to adjust the motion state of the grinding body, so as to enhance the grinding effect of the grinding body on the material, which is helpful to improve the grinding efficiency, increase the output and reduce the metal consumption. In general, the common coal mill lining has corrugated type, trapezoidal T type and so on.


The main function of Coal Grinding liner


1.Lift grinding medium-ball and section.


2.Play a role in grinding.


3.Protect the grinding cylinder.


In the process of selecting various linings, the main factors to be considered in use are the raising of grinding medium, the running track of medium in operation, and the materials of lining plate are manganese steel, rubber, polyurethane and so on. Shape has convex, corrugated, angular helix and so on. Closed-circuit grinding process is simple: ingredients, grinding, fine classification of finished products, rough re-grinding mill.


To a certain extent, the coal mill liner also has the function of protecting the main parts of the ball mill from being worn. In the process of operation, the lining plate in the cylinder has the function of lifting medium (ball, rod). In order to improve the working rate and productivity of the ball mill, the material, fixing, structure and size of the liner should be improved continuously.


The main requirement of coal mill liner is that it must be wear-resistant. The materials of the liner can be used to a certain extent, such as hard steel, high manganese steel, chromium steel, alloy cast iron, rubber and magnetic liner. High manganese steel has sufficient impact toughness, and the surface is cold hardened and hard and wear-resistant when it is impacted. Therefore, high manganese steel is widely used to make liner plate.


For fine grinding with grinding action, the impact resistance of lining plate is not high, so other alloy cast iron which is wearable and cheaper can be used. The processing material of coal mill liner is cast and the chemical composition of raw material is stable to ensure its mechanical properties. Under the impact of external force greater than rated load, the main engine can be quickly broken and the motor will not be burnt out.