The main factors and high temperature resistance of heat resisting casting material should be paid attention to

- Aug 07, 2019-

Oxidation resistant steel hot strong steel, under normal circumstances at high temperature can not only withstand considerable additional stress but also have excellent oxidation resistance, high temperature gas corrosion resistance ability, usually also require to bear periodic variable stress.Usually used for steam turbine, gas turbine rotor and blade, boiler superheater, working at high temperature bolts and springs, internal combustion engine inlet and outlet valve, oil hydrogenation reactor, etc. 

The main factors that should be paid attention to in heat resisting casting selection 

(1)operating temperature of heat-resistant steel castings.Operating temperature refers to high temperature, normal temperature and low temperature and the rate of temperature change.

(2)mechanical load on heat resistant steel castings. 

(3)heat resistant steel casting and its contact with the gas, the status (including wind speed dust content, chemical composition, etc.). 

(4)the price should be low, which can be cast heat resistant steel with low content of chromium and nickel without high content of chromium and nickel.