The design of alloy steel castings is more flexible and unique

- Sep 26, 2018-

Alloy steel casting is a general term for the production of cast iron base alloy without eutectic transformation during its solidification.Its advantages include greater design flexibility, greater flexibility and variability in metallurgical manufacturing, improved overall structural strength and wide range of weight variations.


Alloy steel castings are more flexible in design, which has the maximum freedom of choice with respect to casting shape and size, especially complex shapes and hollow parts, and can be manufactured by the unique process of core castings.It is easy to shape and change the shape and can make finished products quickly according to the drawing. It can provide quick response and shorten delivery time.

Alloy steel castings can select different chemical composition and organizational structure to meet the requirements of different projects. Different heat treatment processes can select mechanical properties and use this property in a wide range to improve weldability and usability.