The corrosion resistance and convenient processing of cement grinding lining

- Sep 08, 2018-

Cement mill lining board itself has the very high wear-resisting properties of general chemical composition of carbon content in the alloy layer can reach 4%, the hardness is very high, the second cement mill lining board has good resistance to impact, mainly because of the bottom layer of the cement mill lining board using low carbon steel and low alloy, good resistance to wear medium, can withstand the impact of material handling system and to wear and tear.

Cement mill lining board is also more convenient processing, the product can carry out cutting and punching and bending and leveling, eventually making be flat or curved plates or some cone plate, the final effect is very good, cement mill liner heating can also use mould processing, so it is convenient in actual production application, a high application value.

Corrosion resistance of cement mill lining

The damage and failure caused by chemical or electrochemical action of metal with environmental medium is called corrosion of metal.According to the mechanism, there are two types of corrosion: chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion. Chemical corrosion is formed by the direct interaction of metal with medium. Electrochemical corrosion is formed by the interaction of metal with electrolytic solution solution pool to generate galvanic battery.The main task of this kind of surfacing is to improve the corrosion resistance of metal.Common surfacing materials such as copper base, nickel base, cobalt base alloy and nickel chromium austenitic stainless steel.