The correct testing method and the Development trend of quality of Alloy Steel Castings

- Mar 28, 2018-

Nowadays, more and more enterprises are increasing the demand for special products of special materials in the process of using their equipment. At the same time, it also drives the continuous development of alloy steel casting products. Through the effective development of the product strength, we should combine the continuous improvement of its own properties, according to the safe and reliable product application ability, in order to promote the overall application advantage of the product. To quickly reflect the overall strength of the effective development, thereby increasing the overall performance of the product.


In the process of using alloy steel castings, many enterprises will attach great importance to the quality of the products. Before the equipment is assembled, the quality should be fully used to ensure the advantages of the castings, so that they can be driven by the overall capability. Combining with the continuous development of its own superiority ability, it fully reflects the effective exertion of the application properties in all aspects of the product, thereby increasing the high standard requirements for the quality of castings, so as to combine the development of the overall strength, To push forward the practical basis of its various aspects of continuous promotion.


In order to improve the quality of alloy steel castings, it is necessary to take advanced technology as the advantage and combine with the continuous promotion of practical application to fully reflect the effective exertion of the overall application level of the products, so as to better meet the requirements of the products of various enterprises. Drive the whole application ability of casting products.


Correct Test method for Alloy Steel Castings

1. The surface roughness of alloy steel castings can be judged by comparing the appearance of alloy steel castings. The fine cracks on the surface can be checked by coloring method and magnetic powder method.


2. The internal quality of alloy steel castings can be checked and judged by means of audio frequency, ultrasonic, eddy current X ray and γ ray.


3. The manufacturer of high temperature alloy steel castings shall ensure that there shall be no corrosion and no mechanical damage during transportation and during storage, and shall be accompanied by a certificate of qualification which shall indicate that the castings comply with the requirements stipulated in the drawings or contracts and relevant technical standards.