The anti - impact advantages and design requirements of coal - mill liner

- Sep 13, 2018-

Coal grinding lining board has high impact resistance when it is used. To some extent, due to the use of its soft steel substrate, coal grinding lining board has high impact resistance performance, which fully reflects the advantages of wear-resisting and impact resistance of materials.

The convenient processing performance of coal grinding lining plate, surfacing welding wear-resistant lining plate can be cold-formed and rolled, which can be cut by plasma cutting method, and can be easily welded on the surface of the worn parts.Coal grinding lining board can be used in metallurgical machinery, building materials machinery, electric machinery, mining machinery and other industries of various easily worn equipment parts surface enhancement.

To some extent, the coal grinding lining plate can effectively provide wear-resistant spare parts made of wear-resistant composite plate to users according to its design requirements. The coal grinding lining plate can be welded into various wear-resistant conveying pipes, such as powder air conveying system, blast furnace water slag system, screw propeller blade and so on.

The coal mill liner can be made by cutting and drilling with an air arc or plasma arc, laser and high-pressure water.Cold forming or rounding.The minimum radius of curvature is 20 times the thickness of the composite plate when cold rolling.Plug welding, end welding, or bolting can be used to connect with the workpiece to be strengthened.