The abrasion resistance and grinding efficiency of coal grinding lining

- Sep 18, 2018-

Coal mill lining board in the use of cylinder is mainly used to protect, so that you can make the barrel from grinding to a certain extent and directly impact and friction materials, and at the same time also can use a different form of lining board to adjust the grinding body motion, to increase grinding medium for material crushing effect, helps to improve the efficiency of the grinding mill, increase production, reduce consumption of metal.

The high manganese steel of coal mill lining board is gradually replaced by middle alloy steel lining board. With the continuous application of alloy steel lining board in ball mill lining board during operation, it has gradually replaced manganese steel and other lining board to become the mainstream of market development.In addition to protecting the barrel outside the body, the lining plate also affects the movement of the grinding body. In order to meet the requirements of various working conditions (grinding or fine grinding), the shape of the lining plate is also different.

When the coal grinding lining plate is mainly made by crushing, the lining plate is required to have a strong pushing ability to the grinding body, and the lining plate should have a good impact resistance performance. When the fine grinding is mainly used, the lining plate is less prominent, the pushing effect on the grinding body is weak, the impact is small, and the grinding effect is strong.The lining plate is required to have good wear resistance.