Tempering requirements and temperature of hard nickel castings

- Aug 18, 2018-

Nickel hard casting in the operation process of product will be heated to 275 ℃, insulation 12 ~ 24 h, and then air cooling, the as-cast organization of retained austenite into bainite or martensite, the as-cast martensite have been tempered in the organization, and thus improve the hardness and impact fatigue life of nickel and iron.


Nickel hard casting double heat treatment process can effectively reduce the retained austenite in the tissues of the nickel and iron carbon content, so that you can make it in the subsequent cooling process converted into martensite, in 275 ℃ heat preservation is the purpose of making new get tempered martensite, and transformation of austenite to martensite.The impact fatigue life of nickel hard cast iron can be improved by double heat treatment than by simple heat treatment.


Nickel hard castings are best performed by smelting in an electric furnace to control the chemical composition and the temperature at which they come out.The casting process is the same as that of normal white cast iron. The riser is usually used and the runner enters the casting through the riser in order to form a good sequence solidification condition.http://www.wuxiorient.com/