Technological properties and wear resistance of coal - ground lining board

- Aug 14, 2019-

Chromium is an element that forms carbides, and can also form solid solution with iron to strengthen matrix and improve strength and hardness without reducing toughness.Chromium can stop or slow down when tempering carbide precipitation and accumulation of larger keep carbide dispersion 'is also beneficial to the improvement of the strength and hardness of chrome and to improve the tempering stability of steel and due to the precipitation of secondary carbides and residual austenite decomposition and secondary hardening phenomenon, and thus in a cement ball mill lining board with a certain temperature to add certain chromium, can maintain its high strength and high hardness but high chromium content easy to form a columnar crystal and dendritic segregation threshold increased propensity to make the process performance variation with the cost increase.

Lining plate domestic high manganese steel lining plate replaced by medium alloy steel, but with the continuous application of medium alloy steel lining plate in ball mill lining plate, has gradually replaced manganese steel and other lining plate into the mainstream of market development.In addition to protecting the outside of the cylinder, the lining plate of the cylinder also has an impact on the movement rules of the grinding body. In order to meet the requirements of various working states (crushing or fine grinding), the shape of the lining plate material is also different.When to crush the main, requires the liner to the grinding body of the push ability is strong, at the same time the liner should have a good impact resistance performance, when the fine grinding as the main, the liner prominent relatively small, to the grinding body of the push effect is weak, the impact is small, and the grinding effect is strong.The lining board is required to have good wear resistance.