Structure and characteristics of cement mill liner and its use advantage

- Jan 24, 2018-

Cement mill lining plate in the process of use is mainly used to protect the product, so that you can make from the grinding body and the material directly impact and friction, the motion state also can be adjusted by grinding liner in different forms, in order to enhance the grinding body of material crushing effect, helps to improve the grinding efficiency the mill, increase production, reduce the consumption of metal.


In addition to the protection of cylinder liner cylinder cement mill, also affect the movement rules of the grinding body, cement grinding liner to adapt to different working conditions (crushing or grinding) requirements, liner shape of the material is different. When the grinding is required for the ability to push on the lining plate grinding body the strong, at the same time lining board should have good anti impact performance, when dominated by fine grinding, lining board outstanding is relatively small, put effect on the grinding body is weak, the impact of small, and grinding is stronger. Requirements liner has good wear resistance.


Structure and characteristics of cement mill liner


Liner mainly to protect the windlass wall effect, the effect of grinding plate is made into different shapes can improve the performance of the ball mill lining, improve the work efficiency of the ball mill.


1. smooth lining board, smooth surface, suitable for installation in fine grinding.


The 2. bar type liner is suitable for coarse grinder, and is suitable for ball mill with low speed.


The 3. step lining plate is superior to the strip lining plate, which is suitable for the coarse grinder.


The 4. small ripple liner is small in wave peak and pitch, suitable for fine grinding and coal grinding.


The 5. end cover liner is mounted on the end cover of the grinding head or the end cover of the cylinder to protect the end cover from wear.


The 6. ring groove lining board has circular arc grooves on the T surface of the lining board. After installation, the ring groove is formed, which is suitable for the first warehouse and the second warehouse with multiple silos, and the dry method and the wet mill can be used.


7. grade lining board for ball mill grinding operation ideal should be large particle materials with large diameter grinding body to impact and crushing, namely by grinding of large diameter in the direction of the feed mill with the decrease gradually as the material to the discharge direction of the grinding body should be sequentially reduced.