Steel casting plants should introduce more advanced foreign technologies for development

- Apr 16, 2019-

Cast steel factory should be more than the introduction of foreign advanced technology development is the current domestic situation, the steel casting industry in China in order to better development, requires the domestic each big steel foundry to learn, take learning as a kind of faith, to be widely used in the casting industry all kinds of advanced technology continues to arm themselves, in the world advanced casting achievement on the basis of the development of the domestic casting products, will surely like standing upon the shoulders of giants development, industry vertex is more and more close, and all kinds of stainless steel castings, carbon steel casting, large steel development advantage will be more highlighted.


Relevant experts and scholars in the industry indicate that, first of all, China's foundry industry needs to learn from the introduction of international advanced management and technical personnel and management experience, constantly upgrade the management of China's foundry and even the whole industry in China, optimize the management level, and do a good job in the overall layout and planning of an industry.Secondly, the casting technology of Europe and the United States is also very worthy of our country's casting industry to learn and reference, our country's casting industry on the basis of the introduction of these countries' technology, there is a continuous research and exploration, digestion, absorption, utilization, and then secondary development, continuous fine casting production.In addition, in foundry equipment research and development, we should also learn from Japan and other countries advanced foundry equipment manufacturing technology, manufacturing sophisticated foundry equipment, in order to meet China's long-term development plan for foundry.Foundry industry in the world by learning the rich management experience, advanced management methods, advanced production technology and serious working attitude, in short everything good, help to accelerate the progress of cast steel factory results we should use it adopted, to enrich the China foundry industry, complement each other, help in the future to a higher level of