Starting steps and matters needing attention of Mine Grinder

- Apr 17, 2018-

The mine mill shall carefully check the tightening of its connecting bolts, the fastening of its gears, couplings, and feeder or other consolidation bolts before starting, and check the tooth fit of large gears and pinions.


The grinding machine which has not passed its test run after the new installation or maintenance must rotate 2-3 turns before starting, so that it can effectively check whether the mill collides with other machines.Check whether the quantity of oil in the manual oil injector of rolling bearing meets the need of production and replenish it in time, and whether the quality and quantity of lubricating oil of slurry pump meet the need of production, and replace or replenish the lubricating oil in time.


Starting step of Mine Grinder


1.The mine mill should be in good contact with the production section which is related to the work before starting. To a certain extent, the electrician will check whether the insulation condition of the ball mill drive motor is good or not, and the equipment will start the drive motor when the control device has no fault.Automatic starting motor can press start button, manual stop start motor, first press start button, the motor starts to rotate, when the motor speed reaches rated speed, then press the running button.


2. mine mill two pump starts starting in two, start a pump and a ball mill, open the water valve to a mill and the slurry pool water mill, idle for 1-2 minutes, after the normal operation of standby group can be started by ball mill feeding equipment, and control the feeding amount of the the feeding stability, observed before and after the mill end cover, cylinder leakage of mine, timely adjustment of operating conditions according to the ore mill changes.


Matters needing attention in starting Mine Grinder


The starting process of the mine mill cannot exceed the prescribed starting time. The starting time is generally 15-20s. If the mill starts to rotate until the specified time when the mill does not reach the rated speed, the starting time should be stopped immediately.Otherwise, the frequency sensitive rheostat will burn down.Check the mechanical and electrical devices carefully after stopping to start to find out why it can't start.The interval between the second boot and the first boot should be above 15min.If the temperature of frequency sensitive resistor is relatively high, can be forced cooling fan.