Standardization requirements and casting process characteristics of wear - resistant castings

- Nov 23, 2018-

Wear-resistant casting only when made form the standardization of squeeze casting mould design, so as to make it faster and better development, its casting pouring after cooling of the casting, a gate, riser, metal burr, feng and line, also adhesion of sand mold casting casting sand, so must pass a cleaning process.The equipment for such work includes polishing machine, shot blasting machine, sprue cutting machine and so on.

When selecting the moulding method for wear - resistant castings, consideration should be given to creating convenient conditions for sand removal.Some castings, due to special requirements, have to be processed after casting, such as heat treatment, shaping, rust prevention treatment, rough machining, etc.Casting process can be divided into three basic parts, namely casting metal preparation, casting preparation and casting treatment.Casting metal refers to the metal material used in casting production for casting casting. It is an alloy consisting of one metal element as the main composition and adding other metal or non-metal elements.


Wear-resisting castings in the process of design, in addition to according to their working conditions and metal material performance to determine its cast iron pieces of geometric shape, size, also must from the Angle of the casting alloy and casting characteristics to consider the rationality of the design, namely the obvious size effect and solidification, shrinkage, stress and other problems, in order to avoid or reduce iron composition segregation, deformation, cracking and other defects.Generally, for the appearance quality of professional cast iron parts, the surface roughness of casting can be judged by comparing sample blocks.