Six ways to reduce the wear of cement linings

- Oct 09, 2019-

1, reduce the size of the grinding material

When the particle size of the milled material is reduced, the average size of the abrasive body and the filling rate in the mill can be appropriately reduced, which is beneficial to the protective liner. From the point of view of energy saving and consumption reduction, the more material that a pair of liners grind during their service period, the lower the cost of abrasion. The production practice proves that the material before the grinding is subjected to the necessary pretreatment to reduce the particle size to below 4-6 mm, the mill production efficiency can be increased by 30%-50%, and the power consumption is reduced by 10%-20%. The reduction in the particle size of the human mill has a certain effect on reducing the wear of the liner.

2. Actively adopt closed-circuit grinding technology

The closed-circuit grinding technology is adopted, and the high-education powder-selecting equipment is selected, which can increase the output by 30%-40% on the original basis and reduce the grinding power consumption by 3-5 kWh/ton. At the same time, due to the "cushion" effect of the circulating material, the wear of the liner is effectively reduced.

3, strictly control the moisture content of the material

When the comprehensive moisture content of the a-grinding material is >2.0%, not only the powder efficiency is lowered, but also the service time of the liner is shortened due to corrosive wear. Therefore, the moisture of the material to be milled must be strictly controlled to reduce the wear of the liner.

4, reduce the grinding temperature

Usually, the method of cold material grinding, simple watering, and water spraying in the grinding is adopted, and the latter has a remarkable cooling effect.

5, using fine grinding warehouse liner activation technology

The arrangement of the fine-grained warehouse plate significantly affects the production efficiency of the mill. By using the new and old liners to achieve the activation month, not only can the height of the grinding body and the number of throws be increased, but also the fineness of the finished product can be ensured. Rate, and can reduce the wear of the liner and improve its service life.

6, using rod grinding technology

The grinding body used in the rod mill is a steel rod, which has a good "line" contact state to the material to be ground. The rod load has a special function of "selective" pulverization on the material science, and the grinding, pressing, rolling, The force of rolling and grinding is high, so the grinding efficiency is high.