Sand mill grinding media

- Jan 10, 2021-

The grinding media of the sand mill is one of the important factors affecting the efficiency of the sand mill. So be careful when using it. The reason why the sand mill is called the sand mill is because the grinding medium used early is natural sand. In foreign countries, until now, there are still natural sands. This kind of natural sand has been screened, and it is better to choose 20-40 mesh in the early literature. However, the current grinding media can be used up to 0.1mm.

Zirconium silicate beads adopt two processes of "melting method" and "sintering method" for different densities and usage conditions. The internal microcrystalline structure is uniform and detailed, and it has a very ideal grinding effect. The performance of various indicators has reached the industry level. It is mainly used for the dispersion and grinding of carbonic acid, kaolin, titanium dioxide, coatings, paints, inks and other industries.

Zirconia beads

It is made with micron-level and sub-nano-level raw materials and made with technology, and its technical indicators and performance have reached the industry level.

Mainly used in ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of materials that require "zero pollution" and high viscosity and high hardness, such as: electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, oxide, silicon oxide, zirconium silicate, titanium dioxide, medical food, pigments, dyes, inks , Special chemical industry.

As for the shape of the grinding media of the sand mill, because it operates at a high speed, almost all agree that a spherical or nearly spherical shape is better. Since the grinding action of the sand mill is still dominated by impact and shear forces, if the density of the grinding medium is higher, the two forces will be greater for the same size of the grinding medium, and the sanding effect will be better. some.