Coal mill liner

- Dec 01, 2018-

The coal mill is the main equipment of the coal powder preparation system of the thermal power station. It is also suitable for the milling system of cement industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, sugar industry, etc. It is widely used to crush coal of various hardnesses. Its function is to dry, crush and grind a certain size of coal into coal powder for combustion in the boiler. Steel ball coal mills are widely used by thermal power plants at home and abroad. According to statistics, steel ball mills account for more than 60% of all types of coal mills in domestic power plants. The coal mill liner is one of the main components of the steel ball mill.


Performance requirements and performance guarantee values


1. The coal lining plate castings ensure the quality, and there are no defects such as cold partition, shrinkage hole, pores, cracks, sand holes, looseness and slag inclusion. The surface is flat, burr, fleshy, and sticky sand are cleaned.

2. The size of the lining should be the same as that of the cylinder. The lining of the same type should be the same size. The lining should be tightly attached to the wall. There is a 5mm gasket between the original lining and the wall. The liner can be cut and welded.

3. The running life of the lining plate should meet the running time of the boiler not less than 45,000